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Logo Designing is a very integral concept in Branding. So what’s logo? It is a graphic image that reveals the brand. It could be a wordmark, lettermark, pictorial mark or combination of any of these. If you see a swoosh symbol, you know its Nike. You see a flying blue bird; you know its Twitter. That’s the kind of confidence that these brands have created through their logos. A logo is something that speaks to the brand on its own and differentiates you from the other players in the market.

Why Logo Designing?
A lot goes into logo designing. After all, it is going to be associated with the brand forever (changes are rare and tiresome). It is going to be everywhere. For example, letterhead, business cards, calendars, stationeries, etc. A logo could directly/indirectly relate to your brand name. In some cases, it has no relationship with either the brand or what the brand does. Technically, it is better than a logo relates directly or at least indirectly to your brand or what your brand does.
Few Advantages Of Having A Logo That Relates To The Brands Are As Follows:
• Easy identification of the brand, especially in the case of recently formed brands.
• Easy to promote.
• The fundamental purpose of having a logo is to reveal the brand’s identity.
• It helps express how you are different from other brands.
• Once you have a relatable logo, it isn’t necessary to put the brand name everywhere.
Things to Keep In Mind to Create an Effective Logo Design:
Having a logo is far away from having an effective logo. Few factors to bear in mind to designing that effective logo are as follows:
  •  The types of logos available and what’s best suited for my brand? Like I already mentioned there are a variety of logos available. One has to decide what’s best suited to depict that brand.
  • What kind of a presence do I expect out of that logo? The logo is all about the personality of your brand.
  • What key features of my brand do I want to convey through my logo inherently? One best example is Amazon. Though it’s majorly a wordmark, a simple arrow from A to Z carries everything about the brand and instills a confidence that there is nothing that you wouldn’t be able to find on Amazon.
  •  What would my logo look like after twenty years? A font that looks “cool” now might look incredibly dull after a few decades. It is ideal to design something that would stay fresh without inviting any changes.
  •  What colours and fonts are best suited for my logo? The colour of the logo is something that draws attention immediately. For example, you think of Google, and instantly the logo of Google with varied colours in it flashes on your mind.
  • Where am I going to display my logo?
Simplicity Is The Key:
One just cannot ignore that logo plays an impactful role in the bigger picture of Branding. Unlike the other elements that form the brand, the logo is something that stays with the brand forever and vouchers for the brand’s loyalty.

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