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“Graphic Designing” refers to an artistic and creative way of presentation and visual communication. Graphic design is a beautiful combination of words, pictures, numbers, photographs and illustrations. The designer can express their views or information in a more effective and colorful way with their designs.

Graphic designs are everywhere. It’s almost everywhere in your reach. Pick up your morning paper and you will find lots-n-lots of designs and designer arts on it.

Role of Graphic Designing in a Business

Graphic designing is the creation of interactive graphic visuals and images which are used for branding & promotions of the business in different ways. It is not necessary that graphic designing is used only to promote the business. But in some cases, it is also used to serve the useful information to the users and the general public.

Graphic Designing is mostly used to design the following:

• Website Graphics
• Magazines
• Flyers and Pamphlets
• Print Advertisements
• Stationary and Envelops
• Business cards
• Logo designing
• Brochures
• Internet banner advertisements
• Posters
• Invitations
• Catalogs
• Annual reports
• Newsletters
• Invoices
• Magazines

How graphic designing works?

Graphic designs are made mainly to delivering information in a more demonstrative manner in forms of pictures, graphics, and illustrations.

The type of designs and number of designs are worked out in coordination with the requirement of the client expressing their views very strongly.

Color’s and fonts are few other factors that are chosen very carefully to make an amazing effect on the readers. Graphic designing not only includes creating graphic images but also their selection of right picture and colors.

Tools or software’s used in Graphic designing?

The graphic designing is nowadays becoming more and more advanced with a long list of tools flooded in the market. But few are the top favorite for every designer like CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, Adobe Flash Professional CS3, QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator.

How can you learn/start graphic designing?

The Internet is flooded with millions of websites which teaches graphic and website designing. There are many career options that can force students to often pursue a general degree course to gain a solid understanding of the entire field.
Online courses are also available for learning graphic designing. Students work through many courses that are integrated into different learning opportunities.
The essentials of Graphic designs are covered in these courses where students can learn how to use the designing software. This includes working with JavaScript, InDesign, Photoshop, and HTML coding.

What Graphic designing companies offer to the clients?

The graphic designing companies offer a wide range of services as per the need for the business or a brand. Today, most of the businesses are going online and extending their business to outreach through the mobile applications and other online means. In this scenario, the graphic designing companies play an important role in promoting the business through creative and interactive graphics and visuals.

Listing some of the designing services offered by companies:
• Creation of the images and visual content for business website
• Creation of the Infographics and visual content for social media and other online promotional networks
• Creation of banners, brochures and other print material for business promotion
• Creation of business logo and business cards
• Creation of customizing content material with help of interactive designs and visuals

CreativeClick support companies to build their brand identity from scratch – from defining the brand message, brand logo, brand colors, fonts, logo and the emotions to connect with the target audience.
We also support our clients to apply all of these into a successful branded marketing campaign via our branding and printing solutions.

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