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Video Marketing has now become a critical part of a social media strategy.  Every marketer very well understands that the use of video marketing could bring the considerable benefits to your business or brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a big business or a small business because video marketing offers benefit for every business. Of course, if you are a big business then you probably have more freedom to expand your portfolio and spend on video promotions, but it never means that small business could not grow with video marketing.

There are many notable brands that individuals definitely know. How does the regular person use video to get their brands understood? You can’t bear the cost of the enormous media purchases. So how would you get your image before your target audience through video advertising in 2018?

FacebookYouTube are some of the popular platforms that offer higher engagement through videos. The best thing about these two social media platform is that you do not need to be a professional video journalist to post videos on these platforms. Posting and promoting videos on YouTube and Facebook is as easy as watching them on these platforms.  You presumably observed some fruitful advertising strategies on these platforms.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

1) Higher engagement to various classes of users
2) Free to use the platform to use for promotion
3) Targeted marketing in the local areas
4) Monetization option allows earning money on per views
5) Highest viewership in the urban areas

Benefits of Facebook Video Promotion

1) Extensive reach all across the world covering people of different classes, groups, ethnicity, and culture.
2) Facebook provide exclusive business tools for branding and promotion
3) Through Facebook Paid Advertising you could expand the reach of your videos in a quick time
4) Facebook reports highest conversions through video promotion
5) A quick way to increase your followers and likes

There are various reasons why many social media gurus insist video marketing. One of the prominent reasons is that the users are more inclined to buy from other brands or people they know about and trust. Video can help bring that recognition.

A video for social media marketing could be used by businesses for different goals like for affiliate marketing, cross-selling, direct promotion, brand expansion, product/service launch, a major announcement, etc. Indeed, even subsidiaries can profit use videos to offer the items they may advance. Basically regardless of the administration, the brand or the organization, anybody and everybody can make profits through video marketing to enhance benefits and acknowledgment.

The vast majority of the local audience is using video platforms on their mobile devices on day to day basis. This gives an opportunity for the marketers to engage the audience with your website through interactive videos and increase your sales and revenue.

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