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Today, Email Marketing has become one of the major marketing tools for every marketer. Whether you are having a small business or a big business, Email marketing is equally important for every business. There are many things that define your marketing strategy. Remember, running just an email campaign is not important rather; more important is to make your campaign successful.

Here are the 5 Email Marketing Trends that are most important for every marketer:

Personalization of the list: We are already in 2018 and today people are looking for more personalized things. Although personalization in email marketing is not new because marketers have been doing this for many years but now it has become more important for every marketer. Earlier, marketers use to shoot only one or two personalized emails to every user and rest of them are mostly the generic emails but today you have to make sure that every email that you are shooting should be a personalized email.

Call to Actions (CTA): If you are running an email marketing company then you would probably know the importance of Call to Actions. Every marketer has the certain objective of running an email marketing campaign. Some do it for branding and awareness, while many do it for getting direct conversions. If you are running a marketing campaign through email with the objective of getting conversions then you need to make sure that you got some good CTAs in your emails. The Call to Actions like “Hurry, Sign Up or Limited offer” will entice the user to take the benefit of the offer and click on the links. This will improve your conversions and objective of your email marketing campaign will get fulfilled.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence or AI proves to be the most prominent technology in the modern world. Search engines like Google have already started using the AI in order to provide better results to the users. Now, AI is playing a major role in the email marketing too.  AI helps reading the mindset of the users which will be of great benefits to the marketers. The integration of the AI in the email marketing will help the marketers to better understand their users and based on that they could plan their email marketing campaigns.

ChatBots: Today, ChatBots are quite common on the websites, but probably you haven’t seen them in an email yet. Now, you could easily integrate a ChatBot to your promotional email that will be directly connected to the server. This will allow users to start a chat instantly on the email itself and no need to click links in the email.

Graphic Visuals: Graphic Visuals are not new in email marketing, but probably they were not much successful that they thought to be. There is something that needs to be improved when it comes to the graphic visuals. Integration of HTML in the graphic visual could make your visual stand out and of course not to forget the GIF and infographics that attract the users. Sending those traditional and boring banners and promotional material has become obsolete and users don’t get attracted to them, in fact, they annoy them. Send them something new more creative and more engaging to make them stick to your emails.

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