Our Services

Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

Our Services

Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

From start-ups to a local business or a corporate, we provide efficient and innovative objective, result and value-add a digital marketing service that supports any business to grow digitally.
Our experienced client servicing team works closely with our client's to first understand your business and your need. We then develop the best digital marketing strategies focussing on sustainability and return on investment to effectively deliver the desired results.

SEO Marketing

Are you looking to grow organic traffic on your website? Creative Click is you solution to achieve the same.
We provide our clients a top-notch solution for getting relevant traffic from the search engine to your website by tracing millions of internet users and seeking information online. We will also support you get genuine backlinks on the websites relevant to your business, provide you top, relevant and quintessential keywords, and will place your website at top ranking on Google.
We specialise in Content Marketing and consult as well as support our clients to create informative and relevant content. Our content expertise as well as our focus on extensive researching enables us to quality filtered traffic on the client's website, which in-turn lead to a better and higher conversion.

Content Marketing

Content Creating and Graphic Designing
Content Marketing is the key for any Digital Marketing initiative esp. for SEO. Whether it's a blog creation and management, Press Release writing and submission, guest posts, video creation, designing infographics, social media creatives, etc. our team has expertise in delivering high quality both content as well designing solutions.
Our content marketing services include.

Blogs and V-Blogs - Video Content

Wondering how to keep your customers updated with new developments about your company.
Blogging is a great way of creating a connection with your customers and keeping them updated. Also, it's a great way of educating them about your product and service.
Our blogging service includes - Blog Content management i.e. creating blogs and video blogs, blog posting, analysis, SEO, etc. and blogger outreach campaigns. Also, by means of interesting videos, we support our clients to engage with the customers in an innovative and engaging way.

Digital PR

From drafting the press release to distributing it to the relevant news websites or blogs and ensuring genuine and quality backlinks for our clients, our team works with the client from scratch to get visibility online.
We also consult and write relevant guest posts for the client in order to get visibility for them on genuine credible websites. Here our research team plays a crucial role in creating credible database of the websites for the press release distribution and article submission so that we get good quality credible backlinks.

Social Media Content and Designing

Social media is powerful when and very topical. Thus, delivering right things at the right time is the key for a successful strategy. Our Social Media content and designing services include creating quality content and present it in an appealing way though visually appealing creatives.

Social Media Marketing

Today majority of business are exploring social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. to reach and engage with their target customers directly.
The rise of social media has made word-of-mouth marketing very potent and has highly amplified its impact. Thus, for any business, having an interactive and engaging long term social media strategy is as important as being present on these platforms.
Our team of social media pundits devise out of the box and engaging social media strategy along with visually appealing content focussing on brand positioning as well as its credibility. Not only that, the client servicing team constantly manages the interactions on these platforms and moderates them very effectively.

Pay Per Click

We cannot avoid the importance of pay per click ads to generate optimal results through Digital Marketing. Our expect team not only makes the client understand the difference between the various PPC ads i.e. Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads, but they also consult them as to which one is relevant for their business and growth.
Our creativity coupled with our experience, enables us to offer an integrated Pay Per Click (PPC) management services along with ongoing optimization of the campaigns.
We also have an expertise in creating effective and innovative theme based social media ads along with relevant creatives and ad strategy. Our integrated approach includes leveraging social media ads to increase the reach of our social media campaigns as when and necessary. We do believe that leveraging social media ads is important but it is just not the only way to gain the desired result.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is important and most preferred tool for businesses to connect with their customers and share information and promote their products and services. We support our clients in developing relevant client database and creating an engaging email marketing strategy in order to interact with the customers.
With many companies today opting for email marketing as an effective tool for engaging with the customers and promoting their business, customers are flooded lot of useless newsletters and spam. Our services ensure that your email marketing is not considered as spam, but stands out in terms of value that the customers drives out of it.

SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

Today is the era of smartphones. Given the vast number of people accessing internet via cell phones, it is crucial to optimize your mobile website and mobile application along with optimizing website on desktop.
Our highly customised mobile phone marketing strategy (esp. WhatsApp Marketing strategy) helps our client to deliver relevant information to their customers helping the clients to create better engagement and relationship with their customers.

Online Reputation Management and Customer Relationship Management

Our relationship management experts constantly monitor and listen to what the customers are saying about the client’s brand online. We then support them to control and take actions to rectify the listening of the customers and to manage reviews of the people online.
Given the amount of insights that we generate due to monitoring, our team support the clients to build-upon the brand positioning and also in providing a better customer support online as well as offline.